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We create  powerful mobile apps without coding!

Over 4 000 amazing looking apps were designed, built and published by Olympus without a single line of code.

Build Your App in 3 Easy Steps


1. Get Started

One of our expert app builders will connect with you to discuss your app’s requirements in detail.


2. Development

We’ll take your requirements and build the app you need while you continue to focus on your business.


3. Launch

When you are 100% satisfied with your app, our app makers will get your app live and ready

Olympus makes app development turnkey and easy, no matter how robust of an app you need.

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Unlike Any Other App Builder or Low-code Development Platform In The Market

Not all app makers are created equal. You’re often faced with the choice of cookie cutter app builders that only offer limited options in terms of custom choices, or enterprise low-code development platforms that are incredibly expensive and require a great deal of technical expertise. Through us, we combine the simplicity of expert app development with all the full power.

Intuitive For Experienced App Makers and Beginner App Owners

With our technology, we can easily build and maintain your app with no coding required. Choose from a wide range of options from us and get your app built in moments. Once you’re in our database, as a valued Olympus Graphics & Media client, we'll make sure to offer nothing less than exceptional app quality.

Fast and Native Apps

Apps built Olympus Graphics & Media are light, fast, and deliver a native app experience. Whether it’s a high-speed internet connection or a 3G mobile device, users can easily access and use your apps without any hassle.

App Store Submission

Besides helping you create your own app without coding, we also help you publish your Android and iOS mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, without any trouble.


Test Your App Before Publishing

Give your app a test run and inform us of any necessary changes, if needed, to ensure it suits your personal/business needs. Any changes made to your app, will reflect on your installed app in real-time. Explore key features and examine app performance to see how it works from the user’s perspective. Post testing and review, make real-time updates to your app hassle-free, to deliver top-notch services to your users.


Fast Native Apps with Offline Capabilities

Apps built by Olympus Graphics & Media are light, fast and deliver a native user experience. Not just this, most of the apps have the capability to deliver content even when there is no internet connectivity. What sets our team apart from the rest is its real time update feature that lets user to analyse their apps instantly without any hassles.


Intuitive iOS & Android App Builder

Easy & simplified, Olympus’s App builder team has all that you need to create amazing mobile apps without any coding. Simply submit your business/app name, select the app category, choose the perfect colour scheme, pick the device on which you want to test your app later on, add your desired features and  we'll publish the app.


Work With A Top Notch App Success Team To Bring Your Idea To Life

Our team of talented developers and designers will work one-on-one with you to take your app from idea to reality. We’ve helped businesses from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses build powerful mobile apps and we’re ready to help you too!


Never worry about complex infrastructure

Most people don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes of a well functioning mobile app. When you build an app from scratch there are hundreds of parts you’ll need to consider. You don’t want to spend time worrying about load balancers, firewalls, servers, databases, backups… etc. you get the picture. Fortunately for you, BuildFire’s app builder takes care of all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you care about most, your business.

Massive time to market advantages

Writing code takes time. There’s no avoiding that. You can’t always speed up the project by throwing more developers on it either. So when you have the opportunity to leverage an app builder full of pre-built functionality that’s already been tested at scale, the cost and time savings are a no-brainer.

Fewer tradeoffs between quality and speed

When building a mobile app, everyone faces the constraints of quality, price, and speed. When you’re building an app on your own, it can be hard to align development resources in a way that gets you the app you want within your budget constraints. With BuildFire’s app maker we give you an unfair advantage in this equation. Our app maker saves you a significant amount of time by leveraging existing features, immediately leading to cost savings, and since these features are utilized by thousands of apps, you can rely on the quality of development.

Minimize risk

Unfortunately app development doesn’t always go as planned for many people. What you think you’re getting might be wildly different than what you end up with. With the ability to rapidly prototype with our app builder, we’re able to show you up front what type of app you’re going to get.

Manage your app without a developer

Usually an app management dashboard is an afterthought for most people building their app from the ground up. Normally you would have to get a developer involved for every little change you’d like to make with your app. With BuildFire’s app builder, that is a core element of the experience. Even if we end up developing custom functionality for you.

Is BuildFire the only no-code app builder?

There are actually many options to choose from in the market, and at face value it might be hard to understand the difference between many of the different app builders. However, there are many very important differences between app builders. 

Highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world

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